More moorings to be installed at Kincardine floating wind farm

Work to install the final three floating turbines at the Kincardine offshore wind farm will start from early April.

The 50 MW
Kincardine floating offshore wind farm is being built by COBRA Group, 15 km off the Scottish coast of Aberdeen. It will feature five 9.525 MW turbines installed on semi-submersible floating structures designed by Principle Power and built by Navantia and Windar Renovables. The project is located in water depths ranging between 60 and 80 metres.

Bourbon's vessel the Horizon Arctic will shortly begin a mooring installation campaign at three final turbine locations (KIN-02, KIN-05, and KIN-01). Estimated arrival is 1st April and the duration of the installation will be about 7 days.

The third foundation, KIN-02, arrived in the Port of Rotterdam, The Netherlands on 26th March. Here the turbine will be mounted onto the foundation at quayside before tow out of the entire floating unit, across the North Sea, to its final location off the coast of Scotland. The route is 480 nmi long, and takes 9 or 10 days.

The first two floating turbines, KIN-03 AND KIN-04, were installed at the wind farm over the winter and the remaining two foundations, KIN-05, and KIN-01, are awaiting load out in Ferrol, Spain.

Commissioning of the wind farm is expected this Summer. Upon completion, it will be one of the world’s largest floating wind projects to date, and it is expected to generate up to 218 GWh of clean electricity a year – enough to power approximately 55,000 Scottish households.

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