Natura 2000 permit for Swedish Kriegers Flak

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Swedish power company Vattenfall has been granted a Natura 2000 permit for Swedish Kriegers Flak, its planned 640 MW offshore wind farm, which will be located 30 km south of Trelleborg, in the Swedish part of the Baltic Sea.

The Natura 2000 permit clears one hurdle for the project, which is still awaiting government approval for amendments proposed in 2020. Approving Vattenfall for this permit, the County Administrative Board of Skåne showed, according to Swedish Kriegers Flak’s Project Manager, Johnny Ståhlberg, “that it is possible to find ways for environmental considerations and wind power to coexist”.

The Kriegers Flak sites include a Natura 2000 area, where developments must be placed at suitable distance away from sensitive habitats (certain fish, birds, porpoises, etc.).

“When we build wind power, the impact on local species should be as small as possible”, added Ståhlberg. “At the same time, climate change is one of the biggest threats to biodiversity and species survival.”

With this project, Vattenfall intends to construct 40 to 50 offshore wind turbines, up to 280 metres high, supplying 2.3-2.8 TWh of electricity annually, a significant contribution to Skåne's electricity supply. Vattenfall is already building Danish Kriegers Flak in Denmark’s part of the area. The 604 MW offshore wind farm reached first power in February 2021, and turbine installation reached the half-way point earlier this month (April 2021).

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