NeSSIE anti-corrosion competition begins

The NESSIE project consortium has launched the first stage of the competition to implement projects demonstrating anti-corrosion solutions in the North Sea.

Jan Reid, team leader in the energy and clean technologies team within Scottish Enterprise and SRO for NeSSIE, said: “NeSSIE is an EU-funded project that aims to identify three large-scale investable demonstration projects and investment sources in the field of corrosion and new materials in the North Sea Basin. This competition is designed to connect leading project developers in offshore renewables with innovative supply chain companies in the offshore sector to develop commercial solutions for corrosion and materials challenges. The project is focused on identifying the companies in the field who can drive market leading solutions that will attract finance and result in the demonstration projects being deployed.”

The competition is looking to develop commercial solutions for corrosion and materials challenges in offshore renewables through demonstration projects in the North Sea.

Stage 1 of the competition, which started on the 6th of June and finishes on the 7th of August, will select three leading companies that are looking to deploy demonstration projects related to corrosion in the North Sea. 

The successful companies from stage 1 will be then supported to develop calls in stage 2 that will bring forward innovative solutions to these challenges from the supply chain across Europe before finally being supported by the project partners to put together business cases for the projects and identity potential funding packages to deliver the projects.

The EMFF co-financed NeSSIE project's goal is to develop three investable demonstration projects to test anti-corrosion technology in the wave, tidal, and offshore wind energy sectors.

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