New coating facility opens up

Ben HouchenWilton Engineering has opened a new preparation and coating facility at the Port Clarence offshore base.

This was done by the Tees Valley Mayor, Ben Houchen. The cost of the facility was in the range of £3m

Ben Scott Managing Director of Wilton Engineering said, "We're here to celebrate the opening of our new blasting and painting facility, which is state of the art, there's nothing like it in the country at the moment. And will reproduce fantastic quality and to the right specification."

Ben Houchen said, "Offshore wind is extremely important, not just to the Tees Valley but the whole of the UK, and one of the really exciting things, is that the offshore wind industrty is led from the front by northeast, and in particular the Tees Valley."

Ben Houchen carried on to talk about the work the Wilton Group undertake. "Wilton Engineering who have been hugely supported by the Tees Valley combined authority and myself, with the £1.3m catalyst fund, are then able to produce facilities like this. and the transition pieces that they paint here, go into the huge offshore wind farms like the Hornsea one project, and hopefully, in the future things like the dogger Bank project. Which could create a huge amount of value and many thousands of jobs for the people of the Tees Valley."

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