New offshore wind power project underway in Finland

By: Chloe Emanuel

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25/06/2024 Skyborn Renewables

Skyborn Renewables Finland has announced the development of the Pooki offshore wind power project, situated off the coast of Oulu, Ii, Simo, and Kemi in Finland. The company signed a reservation agreement last year with Metsähallitus, a state-owned enterprise managing Finland's territorial waters, to secure the project area.

The project’s initial phase includes comprehensive bird and seabed surveys, scheduled to take place in the Gulf of Bothnia throughout 2024 and 2025. Additionally, the mandatory Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process began in 2024, in compliance with Finnish law.

Upon completion, the Pooki offshore wind farm is expected to feature between 85 and 185 wind turbines, significantly contributing to Finland's renewable energy capacity.

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