NKT sets eyes on Polish offshore wind market

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: 09/11/2021 NKT
NKT has taken the decision to extend its presence in Poland, establishing a facility to supply onshore and offshore power cables. The centre will be located in Gdynia, Poland, close to the Baltic Sea, where several offshore wind farms are expected to be located.

NKT expects to hire the first power cable jointers by the end of 2021, and will hire additional people to the execution centre as potential market opportunities emerge, with the first offshore wind projects materializing in the coming years.

The company is preparing to support Poland in the country’s transition to renewable energy driven by a national ambition to install up to 11 GW of offshore wind capacity in the Baltic Sea by 2040.

"The growing focus on renewable energy in Poland is not only great for the environment. It also provides growth opportunities for us in the emerging offshore wind industry and with the general need to reinforce the power grid. We already have a strong footprint in Poland, and it is natural for us to take steps to strengthen our position in the country with the new execution hub,"
said Alexander Kara, CEO at NKT.

With two existing manufacturing sites in Poland specializing in building wires, low-voltage power cables and PVC compounds. The company also operates a high-voltage facility in Karlskrona, Sweden, and Cologne, Germany.  

Poland is progressing the development of offshore wind under the its Offshore Act, which regulates the method of obtaining public support by investors interested in building offshore wind farms in the Polish exclusive economic zone of the Baltic Sea. Under the Act up, to 5.9 GW  of offshore has already been allocated CfDs.

A 2.5 GW CfD auction is now expected in 2025 and 2027. Projects will have a 7-year award-to-generation deadline, meaning 10.9 GW generating power by 2034. The government plans to launch further support phases in 2025 and 2027, both 2.5 GW, leading to 11 GW by 2040.
As offshore wind is taking shape in Poland, more industry players are taking an interest.