NKT to start diving operations next month for Shetland Link

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: 20/05/2022 Kingfisher
NKT, on behalf of Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission Plc, will be undertaking diving operations at Noss Head to assist with cable pull-in for the 600 MW Shetland Link High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) interconnector. The works are located approximately 400m offshore in around 19m of water.

Three Horizontal Directional Drilled (HDD) ducts were installed at the site last year. Diving operations are planned to be undertaken at the protruding duct locations between 8 June 2022 and 6 August 2022 to assist with cable pull-in. A wider area, referred to as the ‘Mooring Area’, is the area in which the diving and cable pull-in operations will take place.

Within the boundaries of the mooring area, steel ducts have been pushed out from each of the three HDD exit points and extend up to 2m into the water column at an angle.
Moorings will be installed for the dive vessel VOE EARL to anchor when on station.There will be times when the mooring system is left in situ without the vessel attached.

The moorings and anchorings are of a temporary nature. Once the diving and cable pull-in works are complete, the mooring and anchors will be fully recovered.

320 kV Shetland HVDC link will transport renewable energy from Shetland islands to areas of demand in Scotland. It will run between Weisdale Voe and Noss Head. The 257 km HVDC cable will be manufactured and installed by NKT cables and installed in three phases, starting in Q2-2022 and ending in Q1-2023. The project is scheduled to go online in 2024.

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