NKT Victoria heads towards faulty BritNed

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NKT Victoria is heading towards BritNed interconnector to repair the faulty cable. The link has not been fully operational since 8 December 2020, following a fault in the cable. Investigations into the cause and location of the fault are underway. This is the first time, a fault has been reported in the HVDC interconnector.

1 GW BritNed is scheduled to return to operations on 1 February 2020.

BritNed is an HVDC interconnector between UK and the Netherlands. BritNed Development Limited is the owner and operator of the 450kV Interconnector. The 250km BritNed interconnector was jointly developed by TenneT (Netherland) and National Grid (UK). The HVDC cable was manufactured by ABB and installed by Global Marine systems. The cable first came to operations in April 2011.

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