North Star claims first mover advantage on Chartwell and VARD’s midi-SOV

By: Chloe Emanuel

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North Star, a specialist in offshore infrastructure support services, has announced its adoption of the Midi-SOV, an offshore wind ship designed by Chartwell Marine and VARD. This move marks North Star as the first operator to deploy this innovative vessel, which aims to bridge the gap between Crew Transfer Vessels (CTVs) and Service Operation Vessels (SOVs).

The Midi-SOV is a 55-metre craft, set to revolutionise offshore wind operations in Europe, Asia, and the US. North Star's agreement with Chartwell and VARD includes investing in the vessel's construction for European projects. This vessel offers a cost-effective, operationally efficient alternative to full-scale SOVs, optimised to meet the specific needs of offshore wind developers.

During the Seawork boat show on 12th June, a collaborative working group event at the Royal Southern Yacht Club showcased the Midi-SOV’s design. Over 50 industry leaders attended, providing feedback on its workability, cost-effectiveness, and enhanced operational efficiency. Highlights included its ability to increase project economics and improve access during adverse weather conditions, providing 13 additional hours of access per day in winter compared to some CTVs.

Andy Page, Managing Director at Chartwell Marine, emphasised the vessel’s role in addressing key operational challenges in the wind industry. Andrew Duncan, Renewables and Innovations Director at North Star, praised the Midi-SOV's potential to enhance European offshore wind fleets, particularly in the North Sea and the Baltics, citing its safety, availability, and cost efficiency.

North Star's pioneering adoption of the Midi-SOV underscores the industry’s readiness for new solutions that enhance efficiency and safety in offshore wind operations.

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