Norther protection construction begins

Phase one of construction of the Norther offshore wind farm has begun, according to Norther NV.

This project includes the placing of two protective layers against the erosion in the places where the foundations of the wind farm will be located as from July. This operation will ensure the preparation of the seabed before launching the construction of the foundations. This is scheduled as from July 2018.

The vessels
Flintstone and Rollingstone are equipped with a downpipe system and an underwater robot to place the stones. The Rollingstone will place the blocks of stone through a separated large diameter pipe. Around 80,000 tonnes of filter material and 45,000 tonnes of stones will be installed in this way.

“This is one of the first visible activities of the construction of the Norther offshore wind farm. We are delighted to launch the construction of the Norther project. This will be the biggest wind farm of the Belgian coast. We are also very proud to actively contribute to the Belgian climate objectives for 2020." Dennis Sanou, director of the Norther project, said.

The main contractor Van Oord outsourced to Tideway, a subsidiary of the Belgian company DEME, the installation of the protection materials against raveling on the sites where the foundation of the wind farm will be laid as from July. After the completion of these first works, the structures of the foundations will arrive by sea from Vlissingen, on a jack-up vessel from the Van Oord company that has been designed for the offshore installations. That is also with this vessel that the foundations will be laid.

Floren Verweij, project manager with Van Oord added, “After a long period of preparations carried out in close cooperation with the client, our project team is impatient to launch the offshore operations. Together, we will realize the biggest wind farm project in Belgium.”

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