Ocean Winds bids for HKW VI

Ocean Winds, a 50:50 joint venture between EDP Renewables and ENGIE, has submitted a bid to the Dutch government for the Hollandse Kust west (HKW) Wind Farm Zone Site VI, where it plans to develop approximately 790 MW of offshore wind.

The area is located 53 km from the Dutch coast, and will suit bottom-fixed offshore wind, which Ocean Winds notes could generate more than 3.4 TWh of clean electricity. The area of the wind farm is approximately 88 km2. The company participated ion the Site VI tender via its bidding company, Green Breeze.

Grzegorz Gorski, Chief Operating Officer of Ocean Winds, said: “Ocean Winds wants to support and take part in the Netherlands’ ambition of accelerating offshore wind build-out towards 2030. With a tender focused on ecological criteria, we envision the HKW Site VI project to be a game changer, setting the new standard for integrating ecology into the design of future wind farms.

“Ocean Winds has drawn up an unprecedented ecological program consisting of numerous investments and innovations covering the design, construction and operational phases. By adopting a nature-inclusive approach to the development of the wind farm, our proposal will provide a positive contribution to the ecology in the North Sea with the maximum output on ecological knowledge. It will provide for an extensive monitoring program, collecting critical information in smart ways, addressing current knowledge gaps and ensuring knowledge and best practices are shared among the various stakeholders.

“The HKW Site VI project will support an accelerated learning process that will deliver the best ecological result for the North Sea.”

Ocean Winds boasts a portfolio totalling 11.2 GW of gross capacity, across seven countries. Among these are three operational projects: WindFloat Atlantic (25 MW) in Portugal, Seamade (487 MW) in Belgium, and Moray East (950 MW) in the UK.

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