Ofgem explores new UK grid solutions

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Ofgem, the UK energy regulator, has published its Decarbonisation Action Plan. The document sets out plans to grow the renewables market and support development of an offshore grid, which Ofgem claims will ‘enable a four-fold increase in offshore wind generation by 2030.’

Deeming the current approach to transmission uneconomical, given the large expected increase in capacity, Ofgem is targeting a ‘coordinated approach to offshore networks’, which should make getting generated power to shore cheaper and easier. To this end, Ofgem has committed to exploring how to proceed, with government and stakeholders.

The plan also involves building a system to support ten million electric vehicles on British roads by the end of the decade.

Chief executive Jonathan Brearley said: ‘Britain has come a long way. It has decarbonised faster than any other major economy, but we must go further, particularly on heat and transport. We are taking an approach that recognises that our role protecting consumers includes achieving net zero.’

Welcoming the Decarbonisation Action Plan, non-profit RenewableUK’s Head of Policy and Regulation Rebecca Williams said: ‘the steps set out today are vital to enable the four-fold growth of offshore wind in this decade.

‘To get the energy sector on track for net zero, we need to ensure that Ofgem's decisions support rapid decarbonisation and investment in renewables. The next step forward will be for Ofgem to set out how the grid should operate to meet net zero emissions, including the way it charges renewables for access. We look forward to working with Ofgem on this.’    

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