Orient Cable installs cable for floating turbine

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: 02/09/2021 NBO
Ningbo Orient Wires & Cables Co. Ltd (NBO) has completed the installation of dynamic subsea cabling for China Three Gorges' (CTG's) pilot anti-typhoon floating wind turbine in China.  

The semi-submersible platform, developed by CTG, has an overall width of 91 metres, a depth of 32 metres, a design draught of 13.5 metres and a wind farm displacement of more than 13,000 tons. The platform has been connected to mooring lines, which were installed back in June by Juli Sling Co. Ltd.

The turbine was developed by CTG and MingYang Smart Energy, with a unit capacity of 5.5 MW. It is located at the
CTGNE Yangjiang Shapa - phase III - floating demo site. It has been designed to withstand the sea conditions in the South China Sea, including typhoons.

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