OWC join Triton Knoll works

Offshore Wind ConsultantsOffshore Wind Consultants has been awarded a contract to provide project management services for the Triton Knoll offshore wind farm.

The contract follows similar work which has been delivered by OWC for previous innogy projects such as Gwynt y Môr, Nordsee Ost and Galloper offshore wind farms.

The recent contract has been awarded at an undisclosed amount, and OWC will carry out the works using its personnel from its London office.

“We are delighted to be supporting the Triton Knoll offshore wind farm project at this important stage of the project and it continues a longstanding relationship with innogy projects here in the UK and also in Germany,”
says Ian Bonnon, managing director of OWC.

The 860MW Triton Knoll offshore wind farm project is located 32km off the Lincolnshire coast and will be capable of generating enough energy to meet the needs of more than 800,000 typical UK homes.

Last month, Triton Knoll completed a phase of offshore site investigations, using geotechnical drill vessel Fugro Scout, as the project prepares for the installation of offshore monopile foundations in 2019.

Investigative work at the east coast site of the innogy-owned offshore wind farm will provide detailed information on seafloor and sub seafloor conditions, supporting the design of the wind farm’s monopile foundations.

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