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OX2 unveils plans for Finnish offshore wind farm

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: Tom Russell 26/01/2023 OX2
OX2 announced it has started the development of a new offshore wind farm called Tyrsky in Finland's economic zone in the Gulf of Pohjan. The area is located southwest of Vaasa in the open sea, about 30 kilometers northwest of Kaskis.

"A maximum of around one hundred wind turbines would be built in the area. The annual production amount of energy should be around 6 TWh", says Janne Lamberg , Business Director of OX2 Offshore Wind Power.

The project will be taken forward by starting large-scale studies and the environmental impact assessment procedure (EIA). Lamberg estimates that these will start next spring.

"Offshore wind power plays a key role in Finland's work against climate change and electrification. Producing green hydrogen, electrifying industrial processes and large data center projects require a huge amount of renewable electricity production. In our view, offshore wind power is the most competitive way to produce renewable electricity at the end of this decade," said Lamberg.

OX2 received a research permit for its Tyrsky project from the Government last year. According to Lamberg, the approval phase will last about 3-4 years and the offshore wind farm could produce electricity at by the turn of the next decade.

"OX2 will investigate this in studies on the coordination of wind power with other forms of use in the sea area, as well as the alignment of electricity transmission cables at sea and on land," Lamberg said .

OX2 also has several offshore wind power projects in the Gulf of Bothnia and the Baltic Sea on both the Finnish and Swedish sides.

This includes the Finnish
Halla and Laine projects which are slightly larger than Tyrsky, are located in the Perämere. In total, the two would have a maximum of 310 wind turbines, with a combined annual electricity production of approximately 23 terawatt hours. At the end of last year, the company received the opinions of the local ELY centers about the EIA programs of both projects.

For more information on OX2's offshore wind farm portfolio, click here.


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