PanGeo Subsea supporting Jan De Nul at Formosa 2

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PanGeo Subsea has been tasked to deploy its patented Sub-Bottom Imager (SBI) to Taiwan to deliver sub-seabed imaging for Jan de Nul, in support of Formosa 2 Offshore Wind Farm Project.

Initially, PanGeo plans to have one SBI unit resident in Taiwan with a plan to ship additional SBI units as operations dictate. It will provide acoustic imaging services for cable depth of burial specifically for
Formosa 2 with plans to provide technology solutions to other developers in the region.

Expected to commence April 2021, the surveys will see the SBI image the cables to a depth greater than 1.5m burial depth while the SBI is mobilized onto an ROV for the duration of operations.

“We are excited to be taking our 3D sub-bottom imaging technology into Taiwan”,
said Moya Cahill, PanGeo’s CEO. “Taiwan’s investments in science and technology, coupled with the region’s growing offshore wind investments, make the move into the region a winning strategy for PanGeo Subsea.”

“Jan De Nul is looking forward to working with PanGeo on the Formosa 2 project as the SBI provides the best technical solution for the challenging scope”,
commented Michael Bogaert, Area Survey Manager of Jan De Nul.

Developed by JERA (49%), Macquarie’s Green Investment Group (26%) and Swancor Renewable Energy (25%),
Formosa 2 will be one of Taiwan’s largest offshore wind projects. The project is located between four and ten nautical miles off Miaoli County and will consist of 47 turbines each with an 8 MW capacity. With an overall capacity of 376 MW, it is expected to produce enough power for up to 380,000 Taiwanese families with green energy.

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