Parkwind and Intrakat join forces for Greek offshore wind development

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: 21/06/2022 Intrakat
Parkwind and Intrakat announced a partnership to jointly develop offshore wind opportunities in Greek waters.  
With headquarters in Greece is a leading player in the country’s construction sector. Intrakat Group currently has a renewables portfolio with total capacity of over 1 GW. At the same time, Intrakat Group expands its activity to the electricity storage stations with the development of 9 licenses.

Parkwind NV is a Belgian company which has been investing, developing, building and operating offshore wind farms since 2009. Parkwind currently operate four wind farms:
Belwind, Northwind, Northwester 2 and Nobelwind. A fifth currently being installed in Germany. Parkwind will soon have over 1 GW of capacity under its management.  

François Van Leeuw, Parkwind’s co-CEO, commented: “With a partner like Intrakat, we know that we have what it takes to offer Greece the best of offshore wind. The complementary nature of our partnership is the key to developing a value proposition that can kick-start offshore wind in Greece. We are grateful to have a chance to start working together in an environment that is open and productive.”

Petros Souretis, Intrakat’s CEO & Loukas Lazarakis, Inkat Energy’s CEO, commented: “As part of Intrakat’s Group growth and investment strategy in renewable energy, we are moving into an important and extremely dynamic, I believe, strategic partnership with Parkwind, an innovative company with a leading position in the field of offshore wind farms. Greece, within the next years will develop this type of wind farms, which has obvious, multiple benefits, on a large scale. With the know-how and experience of both Intrakat and Parkwind, we aspire to become leaders in this field”.