Periodic indicative notice for E2DC and E4D3

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National Grid has issued Periodic indicative notice for the two significant HVDC links connecting East of Scotland to the East of England. The two interconnectors will be installed between Torness to Hawthorne Pit (E2DC), and Peterhead to Drax (E4D3).

The total value of the contract would be £1 billion.

The 2GW
E2DC is scheduled to go online in 2027. While, the 2GW E4D3 will be fully commissioned in 2029.

The projects will be jointly developed by National Grid Electricity Transmission (NGET), Scottish Power Transmission (SPT) and Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission (SHET).

Interests can be registered by contacting The parties will then be invited to return a questionnaire to outline their organisation’s capabilities.  The potential technologies of both the interconnectors will be confirmed after the interested parties have registered their interests via questionnaire.

The estimated date of contract notice is January 2022.

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