Planning consent delays for East Anglia offshore wind farms

On 9 February 2021, the Planning Inspectorate formally requested the Secretary of State (SoS) for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) to extend the examination periods for ScottishPower Renewables' East Anglia ONE North and  East Anglia TWO offshore wind farms.

On 30 March 2021 the Secretary of State agreed to an extension of three months. The examinations have now been extended and will close on or before Tuesday 6 July 2021.

The main reasons for the delay were attributed to the impact of COVID-19 restrictions and two national lockdowns on the ability of interested parties, local authorities and statutory bodies to engage effectively in the examinations. Furthermore, the impact of the COVID-19 restrictions and two national lockdowns impacted the ability of the panels and Case Teams to examine the applications fully and produce robust recommendation reports that would enable the SoS to reach decisions within the statutory timescales.

The Planning Inspectorate also noted that the range, scale and pace of the two simultaneous Examinations during this unprecedented time, lead to a strain on delivery by participants.

East Anglia One North and  East Anglia TWO are being developed under a single delivery programme alongside East Anglia Three. With a combined capacity of around 3,100 MW, the projects are known as The East Anglia Hub. Construction was envisaged to begin in 2022, with a four year construction period expected for the entire East Anglia Hub. East Anglia Three secured planning consent on 7 August 2017.

Last year ScottishPower Renewables commissioned its
East Anglia ONE offshore wind farm as the first of the four offshore wind farms ScottishPower Renewables is developing in the region. Located 43km off the coasts of Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth, the £2.5 billion East Anglia ONE project features a total of 102 Siemens Gamesa SWT-7.0-154 offshore wind turbines with the capacity to produce 714 MW of clean energy.

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