Port of Esbjerg and Infranode partner for wind investments

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Infranode, a Nordic infrastructure fund, has partnered up with the municipally owned Danish Port Esbjerg to invest up to one billion Danish kroner into new port infrastructure facilities for the wind turbine industry. The partners are expected to create thousands of green jobs in Esbjerg and the rest of Denmark.

Investments in the port include facilities for storage, preassembly and manufacturing of components for the offshore wind industry. Investments will be made available gradually as manufacturers of wind turbine components and offshore wind service providers expand their businesses.

“We’ve found a strong, long-term partner with substantial insights in energy, port infrastructure and sustainability. With this new partnership, the city of Esbjerg, Port Esbjerg and Denmark will be even better prepared to seize opportunities to create green growth and new jobs in the massive expansion of offshore wind power in the North Sea as we approach 2030,”
said Flemming N. Enevoldsen, the Port Esbjerg’s Chairman.

The investment is expected to create as many as 2,000 new jobs. The port of Esbjerg already has an employment effect equivalent to 17,000 jobs inside and outside of Esbjerg. The Port of Esbjerg is one of the world’s largest ports within the offshore wind industry, and is preparing for further expansion.

“Esbjerg is uniquely positioned in a rapidly growing offshore wind market as well as in the North Sea, which plays a key role in Europe’s climate transition. We’re pleased to have this opportunity to play a part in building on that position and to create a setting for future green growth in the region. We want  to play a part in propelling the industry to new heights,”
said Infranode's Senior Advisor, Niels Vallø.

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