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Port of Raahe and OX2 to cooperate on Halla wind farm

4C Offshore | Kaitlin Walsh
By: Kaitlin Walsh 06/06/2023 OX2

OX2 and the Port of Raahe have agreed to cooperate on the construction and operation of the Halla offshore wind farm. The wind farm, located in the Gulf of Pohjan, is anticipated to commence construction at the end of this decade and is expected to have a capacity of nearly 2 GW.

The cooperation between the Port of Raahe and OX2 will see parts of the Halla offshore wind farm pass through Raahe Port after construction of the project begins and will continue into the operational phase of project. The distance between Halla and Raahe Port is approximately 35 kilometres.

Patrick Lees, Development Project Manager at OX2, stated: "It is great to start cooperation with the Port of Raahe regarding Halla. Raahe Port plays an important role in the smooth construction and operation of the offshore wind farm. This is one step towards the completion of the project and ensuring a stable operating environment for Finnish offshore wind power."

Pauli Sarpola, CEO of Raahen Port, comments: "Raahen Port is located in an excellent location with an eye on the future Halla offshore wind farm project. The Port of Raahe will function as Perämere's leading versatile service center for offshore wind power, which will play a major role during the life cycle of other offshore wind farms coming to Perämere as well."

The Raahe Port is a complex which consists of three ports, making it one of the three largest ports in Finland. There are plans for the port's infrastructure to be developed with the port's future investments, which will ensure the handling of offshore wind farm components. In the future, the port will act as an offshore wind power hub for the Pärämere region's offshore wind projects.

The Halla project is anticipated to be in an area of around 575 square kilometres and have a maximum of 160 wind turbines. The project is expected to have an annual electricity production of about 12 TWh, which is the equivalent of roughly 17 percent of Finland's electricity production in 2021 (69.3 TWh).

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