Portsmouth MP slams 'damaging' Aquind interconnector

Member of Parliament for Portsmouth South Stephen Morgan has urged the UK government during a speech in Parliament to "Stop Aquind" and reject the "damaging" subsea interconnector project.

AQUIND is a proposed new subsea and underground high voltage direct current power transmission link between the South Coast of England and Normandy in France. With a capacity of 2 GW, the project is designed to boost the security of supply, help foster renewable power integration and provide each nation's grids with ancillary services. Over the course of a year, the project is expected to allow the transmission of 16 TWh.

Mr Morgan has previously contested the project, including during departmental businesses questions in the House of Commons last week. He has also launched a public petition to "Stop Aquind" .

Stephen Morgan claims: “Whatever the alleged merits of this project may be, to ignore the overwhelmingly negative impact it would have on Portsmouth’s residents, its businesses and environment, would be a dereliction of duty.”

Mr Morgan also alleged that AQUIND is involved in a “shady campaign to lobby successive Conservative Ministers, behind closed doors and backed by heaps of cash”.

He also stated that he believes Kwasi Kwarteng, the Secretary of State for Business who has a final say over the project, could not make an impartial decision which is expected later this year.

Stephen Morgan MP, commented: “Today in Parliament I once again challenged Tory government ministers to put an end to these damaging proposals and Stop Aquind.

“I was deeply unimpressed with the Minister’s response, failing to address any of the questions raised by my constituents or outline any specific benefits the AQUIND interconnector project would bring to Portsmouth.

“I know those who object to the scheme will also be disappointed to see no other local MP participate in the debate, despite our area’s outright objection to the project.

“I will keep working on behalf of local people to ensure we secure an end to these plans and stop AQUIND. Constituents can show their opposition by signing my public petition.”

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