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Principle Power expands WindFloat® product portfolio, launches WindFloat F

4C Offshore | Chloe Emanuel
By: Chloe Emanuel 26/09/2023 Principle Power

Leading the charge in the floating wind energy sector, Principle Power has introduced a groundbreaking addition to its WindFloat product line - WindFloat F. This innovative, patented flat panel, pontoon-based solution extends the company's 4th generation WindFloat® portfolio, heralding a new era of industrialization and global expansion.

Principle Power now boasts two fully industrialized products under the WindFloat umbrella: the established WindFloat tubular design, renamed WindFloat T, and the brand-new WindFloat F, which leverages over a decade of operational expertise. Both designs are primed for the next generation of offshore wind turbines and align with the company's broader industrialization vision for the floating wind sector.

Julian Arrillaga Costa, CEO of Principle Power, emphasized the significance of this milestone, stating, "We have taken the bankable, proven, and reliable WindFloat tubular design and leveraged many of its characteristics to develop a patented new design, the WindFloat F. Whether it’s the WindFloat T or the new WindFloat F, we will work with customers to select the right WindFloat for their projects."

The launch of WindFloat F aligns with Principle Power's strategy to drive global expansion in the floating wind industry. As gigawatt-scale projects emerge in diverse geographic locations, new challenges arise, including the need for more restrictive port infrastructure, serial production, and the incorporation of local supply chains into project execution plans.

WindFloat F has been purpose-built for ultra-shallow wind turbine integration, accommodating ports as shallow as 9 metres. The additional buoyancy of the pontoons reduces column diameter and footprint, expanding supply chain options.

By merging flat panel architecture commonly used in shipbuilding and oil & gas with proven WindFloat T technology, the WindFloat F offers a standardized, robust, and automated subcomponent manufacturing design that leverages existing Tier 1 and Tier 2 fabrication facilities.

Seth Price, Vice President of Technology at Principle Power, highlighted the advantages, saying, "We’ve taken proven flat panel architecture, the 550 GWh WindFloat operational track record, and our state-of-the-art numerical models, and extended all of it to the WindFloat F. This means we can offer project developers patented products that are bankable from the beginning."

The expanded WindFloat product portfolio plays a pivotal role in Principle Power's "300x30" industrialization vision. This strategic plan aims to deliver 300 floating wind turbines by 2030, propelling the industry into the gigawatt-scale era. This vision streamlines fabrication, accelerates assembly, and accommodates local supply chains worldwide.

Aaron Smith, Chief Commercial Officer at Principle Power, explained, "The new product portfolio, together with our industrialization strategy, is an entirely new way of thinking about efficiency and scale. It’s our vision for a planet powered by floating wind."

With 75 MW of capacity in operation and 30 MW currently under construction, Principle Power stands as the market leader in floating wind technology. The company has secured exclusivity to supply WindFloat technology to commercial-scale projects totaling 10 GW under design contracts and is actively supporting customers in delivering a multi-gigawatt portfolio of cost-competitive floating wind projects on a global scale.

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