Rønne Havn prepares for turbine business

Rønne Havn A/SRønne Havn, with its location on Bornholm in the middle of the Baltic Sea has been chosen as the port of departure for the wind turbines for the Danish wind farm, Kriegers Flak. In preparation for the project and its share of the work, the port area is set to be expanded by 150,000m2

"We are very pleased with our choice of Port of Rønne. It is well placed for activities in the Baltic Sea... The entrance and exit conditions of the harbour are good, connections with domestic flights from Copenhagen, Karup or Billund to Bornholm are very nice and the combination of the Øresund Bridge and the Ystad express ferry is a strong option. That the harbour is on an island is no problem, because our components are too big for land transport anyway, so sailing is preferable during transport."
explains Bent Rasmussen, project manager at Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy.

The CEO of Rønne Harbour, Thomas Bendtsen is also excited about the agreement saying. "These are the kind of projects that can provide a lot of life on the quayside in Rønne. We have been focused on extensions of our port areas and aimed at the facilities being modern and able to handle as large an operation as the one Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy is going to launch.

"I hope and believe that it will be the start of a lot of other good business projects in our port area."

Bornholm's mayor Winni Grosbøll, sees it as an important and positive extension of Bornholm's image commenting. "Bornholm is known as tourist island, and every year there are well over half a million people to spend not least summer holidays here. In recent years, we have also become known for the public meeting Folkemødet.

"But Bornholm is so much more than that, and I'm glad that the business aspect of the island now stands out clearly. We can build on a century old maritime tradition and with the new harbour area take a very modern approach. It is a first-class commercial port we are building, and I am pleased that it will be used immediately after construction."

Kriegers Flak is set to become Denmark's largest wind farm with a capacity of 600MW which will be provided by 72 SG 8.0-167 DD. Construction is scheduled to start by 2020.

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