Ramboll secures Japanese foundation contract

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Ramboll has been tasked with performing a detailed foundation design for a new offshore wind farm, to be located off the coast of Japan. The contract scope covers the detailed foundation design for the entire offshore wind farm, which will be one of the largest in Japanese waters.

The special conditions in Japan and the extreme natural forces have great influence on the foundation design that Ramboll will produce. The contract covers a term of approximately one year and was issued by Obayashi Corporation.

“There is a giant potential for Ramboll in Japan. At the same time, however, the geographic location is very challenging for offshore wind turbines. The area has a reputation for both earthquakes and typhoons, which require certain foundation design standards to withstand the giant forces of nature”,
says Søren Juel Petersen, Global Market Director for Offshore Wind in Ramboll.

“Ramboll has designed foundations for over half of all offshore wind farms worldwide, so with their experience and expertise we feel completely confident with the long-service life of the offshore wind farm, even if the conditions are challenging in Japan”,
says Taku Kurimoto, General Manager, Obayashi Corporation.

Ramboll further noted that it has plans for setting up an office in Tokyo. Søren Juel Petersen commented: “Local presence and cultural understanding are crucial for companies with the intention of doing business in Japan. It is not sufficient only to offer knowledge from projects outside Japan with the belief that this is enough. E.g. the design regulations are not intended for offshore wind turbines, and therefore local knowledge combined with global experience is crucial for developing joint solutions."

Japan currently has 29 projects, with a combined capacity of around 14 GW, in various stages of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process. A further nine projects, totalling 3.6 GW, are conducting feasibility studies.

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