Ramboll to assess Bornholm energy island subsea cable routes

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Energinet has commissioned Ramboll to map and recommend possible submerged cable routes and landing locations for the export of power from the future energy island near Bornholm, to Denmark and an adjacent country.

The area is poised to be an artificial island, connecting and distributing power from the surrounding offshore wind farms. The Energy Island is a completely new concept for capture, distribution and utilisation of power from offshore wind. It will be situated in the Baltic with a starting capacity of 2 GW from connected offshore wind farms. It is also expected to support new technologies, such as Power-to-X.

”The project is of major strategic importance since the result will help form the basis for decisions about import and export of energy from the new energy island, as well as how renewable energy from the islands will interconnect the countries. This will be vital when all Europeans need green energy,”
said Mikkel Benthien Kristensen, Global Division Director for Environmental Impact Assessments at Ramboll.

This work creates the groundwork for subsequent investigations and approval of the project. The next step in the project for the energy island Bornholm will be to carry out the environmental feasibility studies to ensure that the energy island has as few negative consequences as possible for the marine environment and surrounding nature.

As part of the Danish climate agreement of June 2020, it was decided to build two energy islands, in the Baltic and North Seas respectively, linked to offshore wind farms that together can provide 5 GW and cover the electric consumption for approx. 5 million households in Denmark and nearby countries.

In addition to the aforementioned Borholm energy island, Denmark envisages the establishment of an artificial island in the North Sea that will serve as a hub for offshore wind farms supplying 3 GW of energy, with a long-term expansion potential of 10 GW. The artificial island in the North Sea and the surrounding offshore wind farms will be established approximately 80 km off the coast of Thorsminde, a town in Jutland.

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