Round three grants awarded

ØrstedThe East Coast Community Fund is part of the community engagement programme for Ørsted’s Hornsea Project One and Race Bank offshore wind farms.

Each year, until 2037, approximately £390,000 will be available from the main fund to support a wide range of community and environmental projects.

An additional £75,000 per year is ring-fenced for a skills fund, designed to support a range of educational and training initiatives.

The community groups will each receive a share of the grant, which is available every six months through an open application process.

Katharine York, Treasurer of Lincolnshire Gliding Club said: "We are thrilled to receive this support from Orsted. We aim to inspire young women by showing how they can achieve something incredible, and to open their eyes to their own potential.

"We want to raise awareness of opportunities in aviation and STEM careers, and the experience that High Flying Girls gain will be invaluable for demonstrating confidence, teamwork and safety consciousness in any future application for further education or jobs. This grant enables us to provide opportunities to people who would not realise that they too can fly high!"

The Fund was launched by Ørsted in December 2016 and has so far donated over £500,000 to more than 50 projects. In total over the twenty years, up to £9.3m will be made available for community and environmental projects in coastal areas of Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and North Norfolk.

Natasha Nanuck, Stakeholder Advisor at Ørsted said: “Congratulations to all of our community benefit fund recipients; nineteen worthy projects which our independent panel believe will make a big difference in their community, and looking at the work these organisations do, I agree.

"Our East Coast Community Fund was set up voluntarily for exactly this reason, to give a financial boost to commendable projects which will bring value to coastal communities. We’re excited to be contributing towards a long lasting, positive impact locally.”

The closing date for the next application is the 1st of August 2018.

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