RTE issues Celtic interconnector tender notice

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Réseau de Transport d’Electricité (RTE) has issued a tender notice for integrated nearshore surveys for the Celtic subsea cable interconnector project. The services requested include geophysical, unexploded ordnance (UXO) and geotechnical surveys to be performed at the French landfall of the interconnector, mainly in water depths ranging 0-30 metres.

The geophysical investigation is to include both surface and subsurface survey (sub-bottom profiling). The purpose of the UXO survey is to ensure a risk of UXOs that is as low as reasonably practicable at the location to be investigated during the geotechnical survey. The requirement for this survey is to be confirmed.

Deep geotechnical ground truthing will be performed nearshore to characterise the materials which would be drilled during cable installation works by the means of horizontal directional drilling (or equivalent trenchless technique). Both surface drilling (with or without piggyback seabed frame) from a stable and waves uncoupled platform such as dynamic positioned vessel, jack-up or heave suitable wave compensated rig and remotely operated drilling can be considered.

The tender also includes the collection of quality samples of soil and rock from nearshore locations, to be tested for the determination of physical and mechanical properties and to support the interpretation of the geophysical data. RTE stated this will include 30 metre depth drillings.

Celtic Interconnector will provide the first direct link between Ireland’s electricity network and mainland Europe. When built, the interconnector is expected to consist of around 600 km of cabling, which will run along the seabed between France and Ireland. The cable will have the capacity to transmit up to 700 MW of electricity, the equivalent of supplying power to around 450,000 homes, and also provide a direct fibre optic communications link between Ireland and France. It is being developed by RTE and EirGrid, and was designated a Project of Common Interest by the European Commission.

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