Rudong H2 ready to receive RMB 6.39 billion investment

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: 31/10/2019 4C Offshore
On Oct 30 2019, Jiangsu New Energy Development Co., Ltd passed the proposal on the Board of Supervisors Review Meeting for the investment of RMB 6.39 billion to develop the 350 MW Rudong H2 project. This result will be sent to the Extraordinary general meeting for a second review.

The 350 MW Rudong H2 offshore wind farm project is located rough 51 kilometres off the coast of Jiangsu, Nantong, Rudong in the East China Sea. The project is to consist of 70 turbines, each with a 5 MW capacity.

Earlier this year the project was authorised by Jiangsu Provincial Development and Reform Commission clearing it for construction. The project is currently slated to produce power in 2020.

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