RWE adjusts Awel y Môr plans following public feedback

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: 20/12/2021 RWE

Following a recent public consultation, RWE has amended key aspects of the
Awel y Môr offshore wind farm, located off the coast off the coast of North Wales.

With concerns raised about the visual impact of the wind farm, the offshore array area has been reduced further on its western side, resulting in a 26% reduction from the original project design in 2020.  

In addition to this, the maximum number of turbines that can be built has been reduced from 91 to between 35-50. The final number will depend on the size of the turbines that are available nearer the construction phase. Whilst the size of the turbines will have an impact on the amount of power generated (the taller the turbines, the greater the electricity generation), it is still envisaged that they will generate enough electricity to supply clean, green energy to up to approximately half a million homes per year.  

Another area of key local interest voiced during the consultation exercise was the proposal to locate construction works within the grounds of Rhyl Golf Club. RWE stated that the feedback received noted the golf club is regarded and enjoyed as an important community asset, and a design is being progressed which will mean avoiding any above ground works at the club. Some access to the golf course will still be required, but this will be temporary and should not cause any major disruption.

Tamsyn Rowe, Awel y Môr Project Manager, commented: “The feedback we received from the consultation was extremely valuable and will assist in informing our next steps in the planning process. We have significantly reduced the maximum number of turbines, as the visual impact was a key concern for many.

“Similarly, the importance of Rhyl Golf Club as a community focal area was emphasised, and we were consequently keen to communicate our amended proposals as early as possible in the development process to give the club some assurances and help support their own business activities and forward planning.”  

“We will continue to make design refinements as we move towards submitting our formal planning applications next year and continue to discuss these with interested parties, including relevant landowners.

“I would like to reiterate our thanks to all who contributed to this consultation process – the feedback has been so helpful to us.”  

RWE aims to submit its formal planning applications for
Awel y Môr in Spring 2022.