RWE and EDF named German tender winners

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: 09/09/2021 BNetzA
The German Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur or BNetzA) has named winners of an offshore wind tender for the North and Baltic Seas amounting to nearing 1 GW.

Subsidiaries of RWE secured one area in the North Sea, N-3.7 (225 MW), and another in the Baltic Sea O-1.3 (300 MW). EDF Offshore was also successful, securing a contract for area N-3.8 (433 MW) in the North Sea. The commissioning of the wind farms is expected by the end of 2026. All successful bidders submitted subsidy free bids.

Bidders which submitted bids for two of the three spaces, N-3.8 and O-1.3, where subject to a legally stipulated lottery procedure.

BNetzA also revealed that companies can exercise their right of entry for sites N-3.8 and O-1.3 if they previously held development rights for projects which were unsuccessful in the 2017/2018 transitional tenders. This means they can 'step-in' and gazump the tender winner, provided they match the winning bid. Nordsee Two GmbH is the owner of the right of entry for area N-3.8, and Windanker GmbH is the owner of area O-1.3 . The deadline to exercise this right is 2 November 2021.

"The results of the tenders on all three areas in the North Sea and Baltic Sea impressively continue the development of subsidy-free offshore wind farms. The zero-cent bids show the high level of interest shown by the bidders, despite the comparatively moderate size of the areas and the existing entry rights of the former project developers" , says Jochen Homann , President of the Federal Network Agency.

Next year, BNetzA is expected to carry out a tender for a North Sea area (N7.2) which has a capacity of 930 MW. There is also a right of entry for this area.

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