Scottish Ministers approve EOWDC lifetime extension

Scottish Ministers have given approved extending the lifetime of the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre (EOWDC), off the coast of Aberdeen by three years. Project owner Vattenfall applied for a variation to existing consents in April 2019, to extend the wind farm lifetime (excluding decommissioning) from 22 to 25 years, in order to align with the design life of the wind farm assets.

EOWDC has been generating electricity since summer 2018, and is expected to continue operating for another 24 years. It features two 8.8 MW and nine 8.4 MW turbines, all supplied by MHI Vestas. According to Vattenfall, one single rotor lap from the record 8.8 MW turbine provides a British household with electricity for a full day.

The £300 million+ project is a testbed for new technology in the offshore wind sector. The new components and techniques deployed at the Centre will support the development of a low-cost industry that will form the backbone of the transition to a net zero carbon economy. As one of Scotland’s largest offshore test and demonstration facility, the 92.4 MW
EOWDC, will trial next-generation technology, and aims to generate the equivalent of 70% of Aberdeen's domestic electricity demand.

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