SEAI awards grant for foundation research

In: Foundations
Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) has awarded a €348,950 grant to support a research project exploring the dynamic interactions between the foundations and soils for offshore wind turbines. David Igoe, an assistant professor in the School of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering at Trinity College, Dublin will lead the research project.

According to Professor Igoe, soil-structure dynamics and soil damping are poorly understood. The project aims to support better engineering approaches and more efficient designs for fixed offshore wind turbines, which will ultimately reduce the cost of offshore wind in Ireland.

Speaking about the award, Professor Igoe said: "A better understanding of soil damping, and how it affects the movement of an offshore wind turbine, can lead to big savings in the amount of steel needed for the foundation and tower supporting the turbine.

“This project will develop new guidelines for engineers designing the next generation of offshore wind turbines."

Eleanor Denny, an associate professor in the Economics Department at Trinity College Dublin, was also awarded a research grant of €348,000 to conduct research into electric vehicles and consumer investment behaviour.

SEAI is responsible for awarding and administering the fund to companies and research institutions nationwide. €1m of this funding comes from three of SEAI’s strategic co-funding partners, the ESB, Gas Networks Ireland and Geological Survey Ireland.

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