SeaTwirl and Crest forge Brazil alliance

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SeaTwirl and Crest Consultants AB have commenced cooperation for the Brazilian offshore wind market.

The two companies aim to identify specific areas that are suitable for offshore wind power, to develop concept products with Brazilian partners based on SeaTwirl’s technology and Crest’s engineering experience and contacts in Brazil, and to eventually find commercial projects to collaborate on. In a first stage, a feasibility study, partly financed with a SEK 50,000 grant from Offshore Väst, will be carried out.

“Brazil is an exciting market with very good conditions for offshore wind power, as there are both a lot of coast and a large offshore industry”, says SeaTwirl’s interim CEO Peter Schou.

Good conditions. With its 7,000 km long coastline and extensive offshore expertise, Brazil is equipped for offshore wind power. With oil companies’ increasing focus on renewable energy, and the favourable natural conditions, the country has seen increasing interest for concepts and projects within offshore wind power in recent years.

State-owned oil company Petrobras has several cooperation agreements with international companies on project development in offshore wind power, while research centres and universities are studying innovative solutions to utilise the natural resource.

Swedish headquartered SeaTwirl has secured patents in Sweden, Europe, the USA and China for its divisible wind by turbine design. The patent protects a solution where the wind turbine is divisible above and below the house that holds the generator and bearing, which means that the entire generator and bearing housing can be replaced just above the water surface by boat. SeaTwirl claims that it reduces costs for installation and maintenance, and minimises downtime.

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