SeaTwirl inks LOI for manufacturing and installation of vertical-axis turbine

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: 08/09/2022 SeaTwirl

SeaTwirl has signed a letter of intent with Westcon Yards for the manufacture and installation of an floating S2x vertical-axis turbine on site in Norway.

The S2x unit has a height of 55m above sea level, a depth of 80m under the surface and a turbine with a diameter of 50m.

“This is an important step forward in the realization of S2x. We have worked closely with Westcon for a long time to arrange a contract where Westcon can take full responsibility all the way through the installation of S2x. We have great confidence in Westcon and feel that this cooperation will secure not only the production of S2x in 2023 but also strengthen SeaTwirl’s position for future larger turbines”,
said Jonas Boström, CTO of SeaTwirl.

Westcon Yards builds and repairs ships across four different sites in Norway. It also offers services catered towards offshore structures. According to SeaTwirl , Westcon has experience from working on structures with similar thickness steel plates, girders, stiffeners, and complexity as the S2x turbine.

“Securing partners with the ability to support us beyond the S2x project is important for realising our vision of becoming a leading supplier to large offshore wind farms. We look forward to work with Westcon Yards”,
said Peter Laurits, CEO of SeaTwirl.

Back in March SeaTwirl announced it received an approved concession for the installation of the
S2x turbine in Bokn municipality, Norway.  SeaTwirl, together with Marin Energi Testsenter AS (MET), previously applied for a concession period of five years. The installation site for S2x is planned to be located in Boknafjorden, northeast of Lauplandsholmen.

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