Seaway Strashnov arrives on Triton Knoll

By: Sue Allen
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Seaway Heavy Lifting's crane lift vessel
Seaway Strashnov has arrived on the Triton Knoll offshore wind farm for foundation installation work.

Seaway Heavy Lifting was awarded the contract to transport and install all 90 turbine monopiles and transition pieces plus the two substation monopiles and topsides. The foundations were manufactured by SIF/Smulders in the Netherlands. The 2,185 ton substation topsides were also manufactured by Smulders.

The project's offshore construction services team recently moved into new facilities at
Grimsby’s Royal Dock, establishing headquarters for offshore construction. The base will manage the offshore technicians, crews and vessels which will be active on site during construction. The project developers are also progressing with construction of the larger Operations & Maintenance base office and separate warehousing facilities, from where it will manage the long term operations of the project.

Located 32km off the coast of Lincolnshire in the east of England,
Triton Knoll is being owned by innogy (59%), J-Power (25%), and Kansai Electric Power (16%) with innogy managing the construction as well as the long-term operation and maintenance works, on behalf of its project partners.

The wind farm will feature 90
V164-9.5 MW turbines mounted on monopile foundations connected by over 100km of cabling. The wind farm is expected to produce first power in 2021. Once fully operational, it will be capable of generating enough renewable energy to power the equivalent of over 800,000 typical UK households

Seaway Strashnovis a 183m vessel with a lift capability of 5,000 tons. It is expected to be on the site until early summer, when it will move to Borssele 3&4, to install the substation foundation and topside.

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