SeaZip acquires WEM 1 and WEM 2

4C Offshore | Sue Allen
By: 12/05/2022 SeaZip Offshore
SeaZip Offshore Service has acquired WEM 1 and WEM 2 from Wind Energy Marine. Both vessels were built in 2018 and are currently being converted from 12 to 24 PAX vessels to better meet the changing transport demand. 

Jan Reier Arends, Owning Manager of SeaZip, said: “Given the acceleration that the offshore wind industry is facing this year, we have been exploring options to expand our fleet and services for some time. With the doubling of aluminium prices and the long delivery times of equipment, newbuilding’s are currently hardly profitable. So, this is a great opportunity for us to deliver the offshore energy industry more service, capacity, and flexibility.”

According to SeaZip the vessel offer extra flexibility due to their propulsion technology. Unlike SeaZip’s Damen FCS 2610 vessels, which are equipped with a fixed propeller, jet propulsion crew transfer vessels are optimally deployable in shallow water. Given the increasing demand for this option, Arends expects a quick match with ongoing offshore wind projects for both vessels, which will sail as SeaZip 7 and SeaZip 8.

SeaZip recently upgraded its fleet of Damen 2610 vessels, from 12 passengers to 24 passengers extending the vessels capability and competitiveness in the market.
As of May, its total fleet consists of 6 fast and manoeuvrable offshore service vessels with experienced crews. 

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