SeaZip Offshore upgrades CTV capacity

SeaZip Offshore Service has unveiled plans to bolster its Crew Transfer Vessels (CTV) Passenger (PAX) capacity from 12  to 24 PAX.

The capacity expansion concerns a series of four vessels, SeaZip 3 to 6, built by Damen Shipyards and operated since 2015/2016. The vessels will be operational from March-April 2022 and continue to sail under the Dutch flag.

The upgrade of the CTVs will be carried out by Next Generation (NG) Shipyards, located in Lauwersoog. The capacity will be doubled by expanding the passenger compartment and air conditioning and ventilation systems will be installed.

“We see an increasing demand for flexible and cost-efficient transport solutions for both smaller maintenance teams and larger groups of technicians,”
explained SeaZip Offshore Service managing/owner Jan Reier Arends. “Groups of 16 to 20 people are the rule rather than the exception. This fits in with the own dynamics of Maintenance & Operations processes and we anticipate this. More space per vessel provides the industry with more clout with considerably lower transport costs. By reducing the number of shifts, we also reduce the total emissions. Not unimportant in a sector that is committed to sustainable energy.”

SeaZip Offshore Service emphasises that its vessels will continue to sail under the Dutch flag in their 24 PAX version. Previously, a regulation in Dutch maritime legislation made this impossible. The company stated that a recent change in law has accelerated its decision to make the SeaZip crew transport vessels suitable for 24 passengers