Shanghai Electric installs 8 MW prototype

In: Windfarms
Shanghai Electric has completed the installation of its prototype 8 MW offshore wind turbine at Shantou Haojiang Wind Power Industrial Park in Guangdong. It is the largest wind turbine to have been constructed in China to date.

The turbine features a rotor diameter of 167 meters with blades measuring 81.4 meters length. It transmits at a voltage level of 66 kV and meets a series of design specifications including IEC 61400, DNV-GL tropical hurricane wind turbine design certification standard and China Typhoon Wind Turbine Standard GB / T 31519. Its blades, towers, wind speed anemometers, pitch locks and control systems are are optimised for typhoons.

Shanghai Electric stated that compared with 7MW-154, the generation of 8MW-167 has increased output of about 20%, and the cost of electricity has decreased by about 11%.

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