Siemens Energy rounds off onshore cable works

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The Moray East offshore wind farm marks a major milestone with the successful installation of the onshore cabling.

The onshore cable, which starts near Banff, Aberdeenshire, takes the power generated offshore from three 220kV subsea export cables, and transmits it to the new onshore substation at New Deer, where it connects into the grid.

The works, which started in October 2018 saw more than 300,000 meters of high voltage cable laid across the 34.5km route. As lead contractor Siemens Energy appointed TFK Cables to manufacture the cables and VolkerInfra to carry out groundworks and installation.

VolkerInfra undertook Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) which is a minimal impact trenchless method of installing underground cables. A surface-launched drilling rig was deployed which reduces the impact to people, wildlife, and the environment.

HDD was used across the length of the cable route where there were several environmentally sensitive areas. By tunnelling under, rather than cutting a trench through the sensitive areas, disturbance to landscapes and protected species was greatly reduced. Furthermore, by tunnelling under roads, disruption to the public was also limited, as it removed the need for roadworks and road closures.

Mark Pilling, Head of Transmission Solutions, Siemens Energy UK&I, said: “The onshore cable is a vital part of the windfarm, bringing the energy generated offshore into the onshore substation and into people’s homes.

“Using horizontal directional drilling has not only limited the environmental impact of the project, but also removed a large amount of disruption to people’s lives in this rural area. It is likely most people will not know that 34km of cable has been laid through the landscape. We are delighted this part of the project is completed and we are a step closer to bringing the low cost, low carbon power to homes and businesses across Scotland.”

Work to complete the onshore substation is also progressing. All civil work on the 20.5-hectare site is nearing completion and all ducting is now installed. Three super grid transformers and shunt reactors are now commissioned, with works to install, commission and test the high voltage cables progressing at pace. Currently around 245 people are working on site, with all work to due to be finalised onshore in the first half of 2021.

Located 22 km off the coast of Scotland, the 950 MW
Moray East project is the first of two wind farms to be developed in the Outer Moray Firth Zone. Development is being led by a joint venture between Diamond Green Limited (33.4%), EDPR (33.3 %), ENGIE (23.3%) and CTG (10%).

making a significant contribution to meeting Net Zero ambitions.

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