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Sif to produce jacket piles for BorWin5

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: Tom Russell 06/02/2023 Sif
Sif will produce 14 jacket Piles for the BorWin5 offshore grid connection project on behalf of Dragados Offshore. The total weight is approx. 4,000 tons.

BorWin5 is the 15th offshore grid connection system to be implemented by TenneT in the German North Sea. This offshore grid connection will connect the He Dreiht wind farm to the German transmission network.  It will include an offshore platform and 230 km of high-voltage direct current (HVDC) cable, 110 km to be installed onshore and 120 km offshore.

Dragados Offshore S.A. and Siemens Energy were previously awarded contracts includes for the turnkey construction and installation of the offshore platform in the North Sea and the converter station on land. The offshore converter station will convert the three-phase alternating current produced by the wind turbines into direct current with a voltage of ±320 kilovolts(kV) for low-loss transmission to land. The shoreside converter station in Garrel/Ost will then convert the electricity back into three-phase alternating current for feeding into Germany’s power grid.

Siemens Energy will supply the HVDC technology required for the project and build the shoreside station, while Dragados will be responsible for the design, procurement, construction and installation of the offshore converter platform.

NKT is responsible for the delivery and installation the HVDC cross-linked polyethylene power cable system for the project. Its contact comprises the manufacturing of approx. 230 km of 320 kV HVDC on-and offshore power cables and accessories as well as offshore installation by the cable-laying vessel
NKT Victoria.

EnBW's He Dreiht offshore wind farm is being developed as a subsidy-free project, and was awarded grid connection agreement in the German capacity auction held in April 2017. The 900 MW project will be build approximately 85 km north of the Borkum Island and 95 km to the west of the Helgoland Island. Its operation and maintenance will be conducted from EnBW's base in Emden. Full commissioning of the wind farm is expected in the second half of 2025. It will feature 64 wind turbines, each with a 15 MW capacity.


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