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SK Eco Plant secures contract for Korea's first utility-scale offshore wind project

4C Offshore | Chloe Emanuel
By: Chloe Emanuel 25/09/2023 SK Eco Plant

SK Eco Plant, a prominent player in the global energy market, has announced its successful bid for the 'Offshore Wind Power Transportation and Installation Project (Foundations T&I Package)' for the groundbreaking Anma Offshore Wind Power project.The venture marks a historic milestone as Korea's first utility-scale offshore wind power initiative.

The Anma Offshore Wind Power project, initiated by
Anma Offshore Wind Power Co., Ltd., is a colossal 532 MW offshore wind power development situated approximately 40 kilometres off the southwestern coast of the Korean Peninsula. Nestled near Anma Island in Yeonggwang-gun, Jeollanam-do, construction is scheduled to commence in the first half of 2024, poised to become Korea's pioneering utility-scale offshore wind power endeavor.

The project aims to deliver clean, renewable energy to the nation while fostering employment opportunities within the Yeonggwang-gun community. Anma Offshore Wind Power is deeply committed to close collaboration with local communities and suppliers as it carries out its mission.

This groundbreaking project sets a significant precedent, both domestically and globally, as a Korean company takes on the task of a 500 MW offshore wind power transportation and installation (T&I) project for the very first time.

Traditionally, the offshore wind power transportation and installation market has been dominated by a select few foreign companies, particularly in Europe, where offshore wind power initiatives have thrived. Within the domestic market, this project represents the first instance of a large-scale offshore wind power endeavor exceeding 100 MW, excluding the ongoing construction of the Jeju Hallim Offshore Wind Power Complex, estimated at around 100 MW.

SK Eco Plant's role in this project involves transporting 38 jackets, structures for offshore wind power, from their land-based manufacturing sites to the sea and securing them in place. These jackets are expected to reach towering heights of up to 74 metres and weigh up to 1,850 tons to support 14 MW wind turbines and blades.

The selection of SK Eco Plant as the preferred bidder and the subsequent agreement signing were attributed to the company's extensive experience and capabilities in renewable energy-based supply chains.
Equis, a global renewable energy infrastructure development company overseeing the Anma Offshore Wind Power project, highly praised SK Eco Plant's comprehensive offshore wind power expertise and capabilities. Equis is actively involved in various new and renewable energy projects across the Asia-Pacific region, including Australia and Japan, hinting at potential future collaborations in global ventures.

Leveraging its substantial experience in marine construction and engineering, including subsea piping and jacket installation for oil refinery and power plant projects, SK Eco Plant is poised for the successful execution of this remarkable endeavor.

Currently, the company is directly involved in developing a total of 3.7GW offshore wind power projects in the Ulsan and Jeonnam regions. Additionally, SK Eco Plant is progressing with the development of K-float for potential application in floating offshore wind power, and it has obtained certification from the Norwegian Register (DNV) for the basic design.

Park Kyung-il, CEO of SK Eco Plant, was recently appointed as the chairman of the Korea Wind Power Industry Association, a testament to his leadership and the company's all-encompassing role in the offshore wind power sector.

CEO Park Kyung-il expressed his enthusiasm, saying: "Following our green hydrogen project in Canada and the solar power project in Texas, we are solidifying our status as a global energy company by continuously participating in Korea's first utility-scale offshore wind power project."

He added: "From business development and operation to equipment manufacturing, we will provide a variety of energy solutions both domestically and internationally, drawing on a renewable energy supply chain fully equipped with professional construction capabilities."

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