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SMST & Windcat join forces

4C Offshore | Chloe Emanuel
By: Chloe Emanuel 09/05/2023 SMST

SMST has been awarded a contract by Damen Shipyards to deliver two sets of mission equipment for the newbuild Elevation Series CSOVs (commissioning service operation vessels) of Windcat Offshore. The equipment includes a gangway (Telescopic Access Bridge L-Series), Access & Cargo Tower, and a 3D Motion Compensated Crane. SMST's contributions aim to enhance the flexibility and capability of the hydrogen powered CSOVs, which have been recognized for their innovative design.

The Elevation Series CSOVs were developed through collaboration between Damen Shipyards, Windcat, and CMB.TECH.
SMST actively participated in the vessel's design process, allowing for optimal integration of their equipment. This integration has resulted in an efficient and safe logistic solution for the CSOVs, streamlining the construction process onboard, states SMST.

Menno de Jong, Sales Manager at SMST, states: "We have closely worked with the design team to ensure seamless integration of our equipment. This approach has yielded the most efficient and secure logistic solution for the CSOVs."

The mission equipment provided by SMST for the CSOVs, scheduled to be operational in 2025, includes a 3D motion compensated crane, capable of lifting up to 10 tons. Mr. De Jong highlights the benefits of this crane, stating: "This version from our wide range of 3D cranes offers new possibilities for offshore handling, enabling even more efficient construction of offshore wind farms."

To reduce the CO2 footprint of the Elevation Series, the CSOVs are powered by hydrogen. SMST's mission equipment is designed to be energy efficient, aligning with the vessels' sustainability goals. Joost van der Weiden, Sales Manager Benelux at Damen Shipyards, expresses confidence in SMST's contribution, stating: "We are committed to building sustainable vessels, and we believe that SMST's offshore systems can support us in achieving this goal. Together with SMST, Windcat, and CMB.TECH, we have developed an industry-leading design that sets an example for the energy transition in the offshore wind sector."

SMST's mission equipment for the Elevation Series CSOVs represents an advancement in offshore logistics, contributing to the overall efficiency and safety of wind farm construction operations. The collaboration between SMST, Damen Shipyards, Windcat Offshore, and CMB.TECH highlights the industry's commitment to the energy transition and sets new standards for sustainable practices in the offshore wind sector.

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