SMST gangway to be installed on Marco Polo Marine's CSOV

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: Tom Russell 20/01/2023 SMST

Marco Polo Marine, the Singapore-based marine logistics company, has awarded SMST a contract for the delivery of their mission equipment to the first ever Asian Commissioning Service Operations Vessel (CSOV). The vessel will be used in commissioning works during construction of offshore wind farms, as well as maintenance operations.

SMST’s mission equipment consisting of an Access & Cargo Tower with motion compensated gangway, a Telescopic Access Bridge L-Series, and a 5 ton 3D Motion Compensated Crane will be used in transferring personnel and cargo from the vessel to the wind turbines.  

“We have integrated the SMST mission equipment into the design of the vessel. Their proven track record, expertise in technology, innovative solutions, and customer-oriented organization gives us full confidence in a successful cooperation”,
states Sean Lee, CEO of Marco Polo Marine that builds, owns and operates the CSOV.

“SMST is very pleased to support Marco Polo Marine with this solid step towards further development in the rising Asian offshore wind industry”,
said Charlotte Hietkamp-Luo, Sales Manager at SMST, “Our industry high-standard equipment is operating worldwide and we are very proud to once again gain a foothold in the Asia Pacific region.”

The CSOV, with a length of 83 metres, is based on a design co-developed by Marco Polo Marine and Seatech Solutions International. With its SMST mission equipment is planned to enter the market by the end of the first quarter of 2024 and Marco Polo Marine, via its Taiwan-based subsidiary PKR Offshore, has since signed a MOU with Vestas Taiwan for her deployment across offshore wind farms in Taiwan, Japan and South Korea, over a 3 year period. The new CSOV will accommodate up to 110 persons.

“We are looking forward to working closely together and realizing successful projects in this part of the world”,
state both Marco Polo Marine and SMST.