SMST to deliver W2W system for first-ever Chinese SOV

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: 25/07/2022 Ulstein

SMST announced its has been tasked to deliver walk-to-work equipment for what is being hailed as the first Service Operation Vessel (SOV) for the Chinese offshore wind industry. The walk-to-work equipment is designed to provide access to the wind turbines and support servicing logistics.

Recently, shipyard ZPMC in China has awarded SMST the contract for the delivery of an Access & Cargo Tower with motion compensated gangway, the Telescopic Access Bridge L-Series, for the new build. The SOV for Shanghai Electric Windpower Group is a Ulstein SX195 design with accommodation for 100 persons. The Chinese shipowner, that is the largest offshore wind turbine supplier in the country, will contract the SOV for maintenance of wind turbines in China’s Jiangsu and Fujian province.  

“SMST is very proud to be part of this breakthrough project in the Chinese offshore wind industry”,
said Charlotte Hietkamp-Luo, Sales Manager at SMST, “With our mission equipment we contribute to realizing a safe working environment for the people operating in the Chinese offshore wind farms, and at the same time improve the operational efficiency of the SOV.”

The integrated setup of the Access & Cargo Tower with elevator and telescopic motion compensated gangway aims to support continuous and stepless transfer of crew and cargo from vessel to offshore structure, also in severe weather conditions.

Ni Feng, Project Manager at ZPMC comments: “We have a strong confidence in the equipment of SMST, based on their proven track record and advanced technology applied to their gangway systems. Together we are committed to add extra value to the vessel and the Chinese offshore wind industry.”