SSE Renewables and APG join forces for upcoming Dutch wind farm tenders

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: Tom Russell 13/01/2023 SSE Renewables

SSE Renewables and APG have formed a consortium for participation in the upcoming 4GW IJmuiden Ver offshore wind farm zone tenders. SSE Renewables and APG, acting on behalf of Dutch pension fund ABP, aim for development of a large-scale offshore wind energy project in the Dutch North Sea.

The IJmuiden Ver offshore wind farm zone is made of of for offshore wind farm sites which are expected to be tendered in Q4 2023 The four sites each have the potential to host up to 1 GW of offshore wind energy.

The four tenders will have a focus on ecological protection and enhancement in the North Sea as well as on optimal integration into the Dutch energy system. Furthermore, Circularity and International Responsible Business Conduct (IRBC) are key priorities for the Dutch government.

"I am delighted that we are partnering with APG through Noordzeker, on the upcoming IJmuiden Ver offshore wind farm zone tenders, given their significant operating experience and their wider investments in the Netherlands. Both partners are experienced innovators and committed to ensuring that offshore wind is developed in harmony with the surrounding ecosystem

"We look forward to collaborating with APG, Dutch authorities, the industry, NGO’s and other parties concerned – to help secure energy supply for the Netherlands in these turbulent times, drive innovations benefitting energy systems integration, and to continue putting offshore wind at the forefront of fighting climate change,"
said Stephen Wheeler
Managing Director, SSE Renewables.

"We are very excited to partner with SSE Renewables for the IJmuiden Ver tenders next year. Their experience and expertise in participating in these tenders, constructing the assets and operating a very sizable, worldwide portfolio of offshore wind farms make them the ideal partner for APG. The consortium partners are committed to invest a large amount of capital to support the Dutch energy transition, with particular focus on ecological innovation and integration into the broader energy system. The partnership is the first step of many in realizing ABP’s ambitions through its Noordzeker initiative," said Peter Branner, Chief Investment Officer APG

Earlier this week The Netherlands Enterprise Agency, part of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, selected DHI to deliver a metocean assessment for proposed Dutch offshore wind farm zones, including IJmuiden Ver.

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