Statnett and National Grid schedule North Sea Link tests

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On 15 June, Statnett and National Grid plan to start testing the North Sea Link’s (NSL) power cable between Norway and England.

NSL is a submarine power cable between Suldal in Rogaland and Blyth near Newcastle in England. Spanning 720 km, it has a transmission capacity of 1,400 MW. The cable connects the Nordic and British power systems for the first time and through it, among other things, facilitate more production and consumption of renewable energy in both countries.

The testing will initially last until the beginning of July, and then take a break over the summer. Testing will resume in mid-August and will continue until September. After the test period has been completed, the cable connection must be ready for three months of trial operation where all market systems must be operational. The trial operation is scheduled to start in October.

During this summer's test period, all IT and marketing systems will be tested, among other things.

"We must ensure that the communication works at all levels, from the power exchange and all the way down to the converter stations. The right messages will emerge, and they will trigger the right responses,"
said Statnett's project manager for the trade solution on international connections, Bjørn Harald Bakken.

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