Stichting Pensioenfonds ABP unveils offshore wind plans

Dutch pension firm Stichting Pensioenfonds ABP (ABP) has announced plans to compete in upcoming tenders for offshore wind leases off the coast of Netherlands. To this end it has set-up a venture named "Noordzeker" with which it will tender for major projects in the North Sea. 

IJmuiden Ver is the first offshore wind farm tender that Noordzeker has set its eyes on. The offshore wind farm zone is made of of for offshore wind farm sites which are expected to be tendered in 2023. The four sites each have the potential to host up to 1 GW of offshore wind energy. This area is located about 60 kilometers off the coast at IJmuiden and is about 200 square kilometers in size. 

Harmen van Wijnen, chairman of the board of ABP, said: “By investing in wind energy in the North Sea, we want to contribute to sufficient and sustainably generated energy for everyone in the Netherlands. Now and soon. We now see how important it is that we generate more 'own' energy in the Netherlands. That makes us less dependent on other countries, but it also gives us more influence on the costs of energy, which currently affect so many Dutch households.” 

Harmen added: “Pension funds are patient. They invest their money for the long term. And that is necessary to enable the construction and management of the wind farms. Investing in these types of projects is also what our participants ask of us: investing in projects with a sustainable character that also benefits society.”

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