Swedish Armed Forces kill Taggen wind farm

4C Offshore | Tom Russell
By: 21/10/2019 Vattenfall
Vattenfall and Wallenstam have stopped the development of the Taggen offshore wind farm located 12 km outside Sölvesborg, Sweden. The project development was brought to a halt due the fact that the Swedish Armed Forces said no to it.

"Of course, it is regrettable that we are now forced to put down a major renewable energy project that we, together with Wallenstam, have been developing for over 10 years. Now we must focus on taking the lessons learned from Taggen into the next offshore project,”
says Mattias Sjöberg, Chairman of the Board of Taggen Vindpark AB.

Back in 2012, the project secured a permit to construct and operate. Due to technological development and associated cost reductions in offshore wind power, the developers wanted to make changes to the permit to build larger, but fewer, wind turbines. When the new permit application went on a referral, the Swedish Defence Forces responded negatively, not only to the change application, but also to the project as such. The reason was the shooting range Ravlunda, located about 25 km inland from Taggen's development area.

The planned capacity of the project was 300 MW, corresponding to the production of renewable electricity for just over 200,000 households. The new application concerned 40 turbines with a maximum height of 220 metres, located only in Sölvesborg municipality.

Vattenfall and Wallenstam's Taggen offshore wind farm is not the first casualty to fall to the Swedish Armed Forces. Blenkinge Offshore AB's project located 5km off the south coast of Hanö, an Island near the Swedish Mainland was denied building permission due to the site being contained within an area of sea which is of strategic importance to the armed forces. If the site had been given approval military exercises would have been reduced in the area, against the country's plans to strengthen its Navy and Air Force. The strengthening of the Swedish armed forces is in part a response to what is it claims is as an ever growing threat from Russia.

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