Tender open for 100 MW plan in South Korea

In: Windfarms
Gyeongbuk Techno Park is on the lookout for a client who will design a 100 MW offshore wind development. The tender for this demonstration phase of the Gyeonbuk Yeongdeok offshore wind farm covers site design, offshore wind resource assessment technology, and a plan to develop a regional supply chain in the North Gyeongsang province.

Under South Korea’s 3020 Plan, there are ambitions to develop up to 13 GW of offshore wind over the next decade, and localized labour is a key requirement. However, this has added significantly to costs, while regional plans often overlap with one another, and offshore wind development has been slower than previously anticipated. This is one reason the tender calls for applicants to ‘investigate’ regional development plans in their designs, which are expected to make use of a former nuclear plant site.

The contract is valued at approximately KRW 59 million, and will come into effect on 10th October 2020. Bids will be assessed in terms of technical ability (80%) and bid price (20%). The application period closes on Friday 29th May at 2pm.

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